Arts 4 Youth Program

 Lakes District Arts Council Youth Program 2017

 Over 1,200 students and guests have attended performances free of charge in the past
ten seasons, thanks to Arts 4 Youth sponsors. Music projects in 2017 included workshops
by Quebec- based Christine Tassan et les Imposteures at William Konkin Elementary, and
by pianist Sara Hagen at Decker Lake Elementary.  Gitxsan artist Michelle Stoney taught a painting workshop in May, hosted by CNC.  Summer art workshops took place at CNC,
taught by Amy Dash, Jill Davidson and Emma Moore; and at the Burns Lake Library, taught by Bonnie Remple.

“I learned it doesn’t matter how the art
looks, it matters how it made you feel”

“I loved the different project we were able
to try, as well as change it up for our own styles,
or even bring in other project. I learned a lot. I would definitely come again.”

Comments from students and parents:
“I lost my first tooth at the concert. The rice krispie
square was delicious.”
“Thanks for the tickets. I loved all the songs by The
Travelling Mabels. I got a selfie with them.”
“The music and style and all the instruments of
Christine Tassan all worked together to make such
great harmony.”
“Stephen Fearing’s guitar playing was cool. I really
liked the sound of the bass guitar, too. I got to stay
up past my bedtime.”
“This is a really great programme you are offering for our kids to attend and to be inspired.”

High school students enjoy helping back stage, in the lighting booth, and hanging out with
musicians and artists after each show.

“My daughter liked seeing the variety. It was her first time
painting. Although intimidating at times, she loved seeing other peoples’s art. They created unique pieces. It would be awesome
to have more workshops like this! let me know if I can help.”
 “Our girls were very excited about their
creations and have marked their  calendars
for next year!! The camp leaders were truly

“Our girls really enjoyed the workshop.
Thanks for arranging events and to inspire
the young people to keep pursuing the  arts!”

“How delightful to have art from our local children featured with Satah Hagen’s piano music. You could
see the effort all the students put into their pieces.”

 Sparks fly….. when it’s LIVE.