Arts 4 Youth Programs

Lakes District Arts Council Youth Projects 2023

Vancouver puppeteer and ventriloquist Kellie Haines led a puppet-making workshop at Spring Break 2023. 14 kids and teens attended the week long event.

Young people participating in Kellie’s workshop performed a Saturday afternoon free show for proud parents, family members and friends.

Kellie Haines returned in summer 2023 to present a special free show for kids and families, as part of the Burns Lake Centennial Celebrations.

LDAC sponsored summer art camps for 40 kids, taught by
local painters and craftpersons.

Youngsters did a variety of painting, sewing and printmaking projects.

The Burns Lake Public Library provided the venue for the 2023 summer camps.

LDAC sponsored performances by local musicians at the Chamber of Commerce Trade Show in May. Above are the ‘The Hampsters’.

Children’s entertainer Norman Foote conducted song-writing workshops at Decker Lake and William Konkin Elementary Schools, before performing at the Fall Fair in September.

Norman performed afternoon shows in the two elementary schools before the Fall Fair shows on the weekend. LBN Morris Williams Elementary attended as guests at WKES.

Norman Foote performed at the Lakes District Fall Fair Children’s Festival.

Vancouver-based Green Thumb Theatre Company performed four schools shows in November 2023. Above: Green Thumb’s van on the Francois Lake Ferry early on Monday morning, headed to Grassy Plains School. SD #91 supported the Green Thumb tour.

Green Thumb also performed its Indigenous-themed play The Mixolydian for the students of Decker Lake, Francois Lake and William Konkin Elementary Schools. LBN Morris Williams Elementary and Preschool attended as guests at WKES.

Here are some comments about LDAC’s youth projects in 2023:

“Our family is very grateful for the Arts Council and all you do. To take the kids all week to the Kellie Haines puppetry workshop that they had an absolute blast in for only $10 is incredible. It was extra special that parents got to make puppets with her. Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity for our kids.”

“Norman Foote’s show was such an uplifting and positive way to end the first week of the school year. We do not have a formal music program right now, and teachers try to integrate the arts as best they can. It is a wonderful opportunity for our learners to participate in such high caliber experiences. I am ever grateful that the LDAC organizes these special events for all of us, and sincerely appreciate all the hard work and care that goes into providing opportunities for our learners and staff.”

“Students LOVED the funny characters in The Mixolydian: the aunty, the old lady of the forest and of course the silly spider. Our older students were very intrigued with the production set, and were grateful to get a closer look at it once the younger grades left the gym. Staff members were very impressed with the story. The topics of death and grieving can be quite awkward and difficult to address, but thestory shared a beautiful way to address both.”

2023 Lakes District Arts Council youth projects are supported by: